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Walking-Away Money: What's Your Number?
      Author:Nellie S. Huang     Source:     Release Time:2/21/2011 9:44:05 AM     View Times:12862
Money goals are subjective ─ one person's idea of a fortune could be another person's version of the poorhouse. But how much would you need to walk away from a job and say, I have achieved enough? What's your number? (Vote below.)

The folks at Standard Chartered Priority Banking decided to ask. In a study with Scorpio Partnership, they posed the following question to 1,792 wealthy people (1,063 men and 729 women) in 10 Asian countries, including China, Thailand, South Korea and Japan: 'Do you have an amount of money in mind that you will need to achieve your ambitions?'

Among the respondents, South Koreans had the loftiest target: $5.1 million, well ahead of the No. 2 Indians' $4.3 million. (The full list appears below.) The average target number overall was $3.5 million.

Of course, this was an elite crew ─ according to the survey, the average annual income of respondents was $120,000 and the average net worth $1.3 million. The highest earners came from South Korea ($148,000 on average), but Hong Kong and India weren't far behind, at $138,000 and $134,000, respectively.

South Korea (207 respondents): $5.1 million

India (211): $4.3 million

United Arab Emirates (92): $3.9 million

China (177): $3.7 million

Hong Kong (207): $3.5 million

Taiwan (190): $3.5 million

Malaysia (169): $3.3 million

Thailand (207): $3.2 million

Singapore (144): $3.2 million

Indonesia (173): $3 million
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